Down an alley, a shortcut of sorts. I look at each door and they show their own type of wear and tear. How the handle makes a circular mark on the door, the dark patches along the bottom of the wall and the light mark down the roll down shipping door. Each mark has its story and adds to the character of the image

Bow Falls

A beautiful day for a trip to Banff. It was not a photography trip but a trip to showa visitor the mountain town and the mountains. I did get a chance to make a few images while going from here to there.

This is Bow Falls below the Banff Springs Hotel. The water was rough and turbulent. I put on a 10 stop neutral density filter (Thing a dark grey piece of glass that you can hardly see through, almost like the glass for a welders mask). To get enough light to make an image the shutter need to stay open a long time. For this exposure it was 30 seconds. Over that time the water seems smooth since it capture all the ripples and waves over that 30 seconds into one image.


A new residential tower in the downtown core. I like looking up at the repeating patios as the tower reaches for the sky. This tower is different from most, it is rental apartments where most towers are sold as condos.


A look in a mirror, the reflection of the room behind me.The elevator door the red tile line on the wall.A simple image of a simple reflection. What could be missing.

To me this hole in a wall looked like a mirror. The illusion is there but my reflection is not. I thought it was interesting and might make an image that would make the viewer think about what they are looking at.


These tires are at the end of their life or is it the beginning of the next life for them. A large recycle cage contains them waiting to be picked up so they can be used again in another way, maybe as part of the road the used to roll along.




Above that perfect breakfast table and that perfect Gerbera Daisy hangs this amazing light fixture. Window Light from the right lights the right rim of the light fixture. The left side of the fixture is outlined by the change of colour on the ceiling. Place the camera on the table and make a few images. I find this image interesting; light and shadow, hard curves and soft light. Hanging above our heads was an image worth capturing.


A single Gerbera Daisy with a short stem in a small mason jar. Simple, understated but perfect for the the table where I had breakfast with my child. A Dad and child day starts with breakfast out. It was was a simple and understated breakfast but also perfect because of my child being there with me.