The sun rises as another week starts. Many people are off to work for another week. Some are off on vacations and adventures. The sun doesn’t care what people do but the people care to see the sunrise every day and warm our summer days.

The River and the City

The relationship of the river and the city is amazing but they are also very independent of each other. The city flows around the river not taking much notice of the river and the river flows through the city taking little notice of the city around it. On a hot summer day, the river becomes more important as people look for ways to cool off. Soon the river is full of rafts taking people for a float down the cool flow of the river.


Making images from the train window. This time I was trying to catch a car going the same speed as the train. This will keep the car in focus but blur the areas around the car. After many attempts, I finally managed to capture this moment.

The view from here

One more image from the train. As the train stopped at Sunnyside station in the early morning light I could see the neighbourhood behind the station through the windows of the transit shelter. It looked like a framed painting from my vantage point. It was the view from the train.

Rail Line

This is the view as you arrive on the train from the west. The view to the east down the transit tracks is long and straight bordered by tall glass towers. The new C-Train platforms have elegantly curved glass roofs to provide some shelter from the weather but they also look like metals trees lining the street.

Plywood Canvas

Many construction sites have plywood walls and roofs built around the sidewalks to protect the pedestrians from the construction site. These blank walls are often left to weather over the years of construction. A new construction site has allowed graffiti artist to use the plywood as a large canvas. It is amazing the precision of these artists only using spray paint.

Rainy Day

Calgary doesn’t get many days where it rains for hours on end. Most of the rain is in the form of thunder shower that is intense but only last for a short while and then the sun comes back out. This day it rained during the morning commute. This person was well prepared and even brought an umbrella to match the C-Train.